Winter week in Swedish Lapland

  • This is a five-day (four nights) winter experience in Swedish Lapland.
  • Accommodation in 2-bed rooms in comfortable huts at Jockfall Lodge and with possibility to sleep outside in a Tentipi one night.
  • We will do typical Nordic activities like snowshoe walking, ice fishing, fat bike cycling and kick sled rides.
  • We learn about the Sami traditions, culture and the life as a reindeer worker.
  • We will have good chance to see the Nordic lights and wild animals like the Reindeer and the Moose.
  • We will enjoy the silence of the forest, stunning views over the snowy taiga landscape, cosy campfires and local food specialities.


7-11 February 2021

“We call it the Arctic lifestyle”

Have you ever dreamed about experience a true winter landscape of fluffy snow and cold temperatures? Now you have the chance to join us for a winter weekend experience in Swedish Lapland!  

The days are filled with great outdoor activities together with the possibility watch wild animals and learn more about the Arctic way of life.

When the sun has set we turn our sight up and search for the magic Northern lights. We often enjoy it when skies are clear, but of course nature never leaves any guaranties. 

Welcome to try our way of life, the Arctic lifestyle as we call it!

Please inform us about any allergies, food requirements or anything else we need to know to make your stay comfortable, in the Message Box!

If you want to extend your stay at Jockfall Lodge it’s possible to book as many extra nights as you wish! Please E-mail


Day 1

If you arrive by train or flight to Luleå we recommend the following alternatives for transfer to Jockfall Lodge (approx 2 hour drive):

  • Rent your own car and discover Swedish Lapland with total freedom. We recommend Reko Biluthyrning
  • Order transfer. We recommend Ahlbäcks Taxi. Please call +46926-770 78 a couple of days beefore your arrival to make reservation.

You will meet your guides at Jockfall Lodge, located on the shore of the Kalix River and mighty Jockfallet waterfall outside the door.

At arrival you will check in to your room. When everyone is settled we welcome you to a start-up meeting to go through our days together.

We enjoy dinner in the restaurant at Jockfall Lodge and afterwards if the sky is clear we definitely put on clothes to go outside for a stroll on the frozen river to watch for the Northen lights.

Night at Jockfall Lodge our outside in a Tentipi for those who want the full Arctic experience.  

Day 2

After breakfast its time to suite up for a snowshoe walk to the top of a mountain thorugh the snowy landscape of the taiga forest. We start with a couple of kilometres snowmobile ride to the foot of the mountain. The view from the mountain is really something extra. We do several stops to look at the scenery. Lunch is enjoyed outside around the campfire. Warm coffee, tea or chocolate taste extra good when it’s cold outside. This is a full day experience with good chances to spot some of the wild animals living in the taiga forest. For example the Moose, its little cousin the Reindeer or the amazing Capercaillie.  

Back at Jockfall Lodge the relax waits for you with sauna and hot tube bath.

Dinner is served in the Jockfall Lodge restaurant with local specialities and Nordic tastes. If skies are clear we end the day with going out for a Northern Light watch. 

Night at Jockfall Lodge our outside in a Tentipi. It’s your choice.

Day 3

Today its time for you to try out ice fishing. With a special drill we make holes in the frozen ice so that we can put our lines and bates in the water. Lunch is enjoyed outside.

In the afternoon we take a kick sled tour in the village of Jockfall and visit one of the locals for a“Swedish fika”and some stories about the history of the village.

The relax is available if you feel for a hot sauna and bath before dinner.

Evening stroll watching for Northern Lights for everyone that wants to come along.

Day 4

Today we will visit Anna-Lena Kaati and her reindeers. You will get the chance to get really close to the reindeers and feed them with their favorite food. You will get to learn more about the Sami traditions, culture and way of life. For lunch we enjoy some Sami specialities before we head back to Jockfall Lodge and the hot sauna. If you are still up for some outdoors feel free to try out some fat-bike cycling!

This will be our last dinner together for this trip. Off course we don’t want to miss the opportunity to watch Northern Lights so a stroll on the frozen river will have to end the day.

Night at Jockfall Lodge.

Day 5

Slow breakfast before it’s time to say good bye to Jockfall for this time.

Whats included? 
  • Local guide
  • All meals from dinner day 1 to breakfast day 5
  • Accommodation with four nights in 2-bedrooms in shared cabin at Jockfall Lodge.  
  • Bed linens and towels and cleaning of cabin
  • Gears for moving around like snow shoes, fat bike and kick sleds
  • Relax at Jockfall Lodge
  • Fishing license, fishing gear and bait
  • Visit to Anna-Lena Kaati and her reindeers. Lunch with Sami specialties
  • Possibility to sleep outside in Tentipi on reindeer skin and in a warm sleeping bag
  • Cosy camp fires
  • Coffee and tea 24/7
  • Local transfer
  • Singel room supplement 600 SEK. Note that you still have to share cabin but get your own bedroom. Please inform us in the Message Box when booking if you prefere single room!
  • Alcohol beverages and other non alcohol beverages of your choice that’s not included in meals.
What to bring?

Stay warm!

Remember to bring your own clothes for winter experiences and personal equipment.

Se packing list for winter day trips to make sure you are good to go!   

For who? 

Minimum age 13 years together with legal guardian. Participants must be able to move a couple of hours outside without difficulties. Moderate level of effort. You don’t have to have winter experience from before but the will to learn how to manage the cold. You need to be in good health. No injuries or diseases causing problems with heart, pulmonary and so on.

Small groups

This is about sharing the experience of the Arctic lifestyle. That’s why we only bring small groups at the same time. Maximum of 6 participants with one local guide. 


In the taiga forests around Jockfall. We have our base at the Lodge in Jockfall. 

Adress: Tjärvägen 1
Zip code: 956 92
City: Överkalix
Country: Sweden

Latitud: 66,6522
Longitud: 22,7132

How to get here?

Train: If you want to travel by train from Stockholm or Arlanda to Luleå Central Station we suggest that you choose the night train. The ride takes about 13 hours but since you will sleep most of the time it feels more like a time machine than a train. The prefect start on your adventure! And also god for the environment! 

You book the train tickets easiest online at The tickets are released about three months prior departure. Before that it can look like the tickets are sold out. 

There are different levels of accommodation on the train with different prices. Depending on how much privacy and comfort you want. The trains have bistro with different kinds of meals, snacks and beverages. 

Flight: You can fly from Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) to Luleå Airport (LLA). The trip takes about 90 minutes of airtime. Your guide will meet you at the airport.

Transport from/to Luleå:

Car Rental: Reko Biluthyrning
Taxi Transfer: Ahlbäcks Taxi Phone +46926-770 78

Car: If you are driving a car its easiest to go all the way to Jockfall. Just put in following in the GPS:

Adress: Tjärvägen 1
Zip code: 956 92
City: Överkalix
Country: Sweden

Takes about 1 hours and 45 minutes of driving from Luleå and 140 km of distance. 

We don’t sell them park experiences. We invite you to share our Nordic lifestyle in the wild nature of Swedish Lapland. Therefore can experiences such as seeing Nordic Light and wild animals never be guaranteed. But we promise to always do our best so you can enjoy the adventure.