Offers accommodations in super nice lodges, huts, hostel and campsite for caravans and tents. In the restaurant you can enjoy good food and drinks. In the shop you can buy common grocery and fishing gear. These guys are the best to answer all your questions about fishing. They also offers hunting and fishing activities. Contact on

Most of our tours starts at this place!

Beautiful campsite (f.d Bränna Camping) on the river shore of Kalix Älv right in the center of the town. Different huts for rent and of course space for caravan and tents. If you think the water in the river is to cold the pool is available for free for guests! Check it out on

This is the meeting point for our canoe tours.

Have made outdoor gear and clothes since 1908. They offers functional and sustainable products which suits both children and adults. Their products are tested in tough conditions. Check it out on