Winter adventure hike in Swedish Lapland

  • This is a winter adventure hike with two nights spent outside in a tentipi tent far out in the wild forest of Swedish Lapland and two nights spent inside in a cabin.
  • We will transport ourselves with snowshoes and also try cycling on fat bikes. 
  • We will have good chance to see the northern lights and wild animals like reindeer and moose. 
  • We will try ice-fishing that could result in a dinner of newly freshly caught fish. 
  • We will enjoy the silence of the forest, stunning views over the snowy taiga landscape and cosy campfires in the evenings.


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“We call it the Arctic lifestyle”

Have you ever dreamed about experience true winter landscape of fluffy snow and cold temperatures? Now you have the chance to come for a hike in the taiga forests of Swedish Lapland, on the border of the Polar Circle.

On the hike we spend two nights in a tentipi, far away from civilization. We use snowshoes to move around and you will also be able to try cycling on snow by using a fat bike!

When we reach the camp for the night we’ll lit up a campfire and start preparing our dinner of local specialities. When the sun sets and the skies get dark and clear, we turn our sight up and search for the magic Northern lights. It will be good chance to see the it, but of course nature never leaves any guaranties. We fall asleep in our down sleeping bags to the sound of the campfire. 

Welcome to try our way of life, “the Arctic lifestyle” as we call it! 


Day 1

If you arrive by train or flight to Luleå you’ll meet your guide at the station/airport around 1 p.m for transportation to Jockfall Lodge, located on the shore of the Kalix River and mighty Jockfallet waterfall outside the door. If you arrive by car you can drive directly to Jockfall. 

At arrival you will check in to your room. The first night we spend inside nice cabins with three double rooms in every cabin. We will also spend our last night here so you can leave everything you won’t need on the hike.  

After dinner we have a preparation meeting for the upcoming hike. Now you will receive all the gear you need for transportation and sleeping outside. Remember to bring your own clothes and personal equipment for spending two nights in the wild. See “packing list for winter hikes” (you’ll get it after booking the tour).  

If clear skies we definitely put on clothes and go outside to watch for the northern lights. 

Night at Jockfall Lodge. 

Day 2

After breakfast its time to put together the last of the equipment in your backpack and set of for the hike. Todays distance to our camp will be around 9 km. We start our snowshoe walk along the Kalix River and soon we’ll enter the snowy forest.  

Its going to be a bit uphill but we move in slow pace and take a lot of pauses. When its time for lunch we enjoy a warm meal consisting of freezed dried food or wet pouches together with snacks and hot drinks. 

When we reach the camp by Lake Valsjärv it will be possible to try ice fishing. And the best part is that we have access to a wood heated sauna! And what about restrooms? Relax! There is a nice dry toilet at the camp. 

If it’s really cold we can take turns being awake to make sure that the fire is going all night in the tent stove. But the reindeer skins will protect from the cold snow and the down sleeping bags will keep you warm.  

Night in tentipi by lake Valsjärv. Electricity? Nope! 

Day 3

After breakfast and organizing all the equipment we set of for our next camp sight, about 12 km away. If the snow is good we can use fatbikes to cover some of the distance in a nice and easy way! 

We will pass some really god spots for watching moose and its little cousine the Reindeer. So keep your eyes open! 

If we don’t reach our camp before sunset we may have to use headlights the last way. If we’re lucky the full moon will guide us and lights won’t be necessary. On the top of the mountain there is a little wooden hut with stove. Perfect for cooking dinner and hanging out together. Also dry toilet at camp, so no worries about that. But it can still be cold so don’t bother bringing the newspaper! 

Night in tentipi on the mountain of Laxforsberget. Electricity? Nope!

Day 4

Our last day of hiking. We set course back to Jockfall, about 9 km. The views from the mountain is really something extra. We do several stops to enjoy it. The last bit of the hike we walk along the Kalix River where we’ll meet the 9 meters tall and mighty waterfall Jockfallet. A truly magnificent scene made by nature!

Well back in Jockfall its time to take care of all the gear and ourselves. In the Relax we enjoy hot tube bath, sauna and for exchange maybe something cold to drink. Over dinner we have time to reflect about the hike and talk about our experiences before we fall asleep in our comfy beds. 

Day 5

Slow breakfast before it’s time to say good bye to Jockfall for this time. Transportation to Luleå. We’ll be in Luleå around 11.30 a.m at the latest so you’ll be able to catch a train or flight from around 13.00 a.m. 

Whats included? 
  • Local tour guide 
  • All meals from dinner day 1 to breakfast day 5
  • Accommodation with two nights in shared cabin and two nights in Tentipi tent
  • Bed linens and towels for nights in cabin and cleaning of cabin
  • Gear for moving around (snow shoes, fatbike) and for sleeping (down sleeping bag, sleeping bag linens, sleeping mat). 
  • Sauna at camp Valsjärv and relax at Jockfall Lodge
  • Fishing license and fishing gear
  • Transfer to/from Luleå Central Station/Airport can be arranged
  • Singel room supplement 600 SEK for two nights inside cabin. Note that you still have to share accommodation in the tentipi. 
  • Beverages of your choice are paid when we eat dinner in Jockfall day 1 and day 4. 
What to bring

Stay warm!

Remember to bring your own clothes, a backpack of at least the size of 40 liter and personal equipment for spending two nights in the wild during winter when temperatures can drop down to -25 degrees celsius. 

Se packing list for winter hikes to make sure you are good to go! 


In the taiga forests around Jockfall. We have our base at the Lodge in Jockfall. 

Adress: Tjärvägen 1
Zip code: 956 92
City: Överkalix
Country: Sweden

Latitud: 66,6522
Longitud: 22,7132

For who? 

Minimum age 16 years together with legal guardian. Participants must be able to move for several hours every day in terrain without difficulties. Moderate level of effort. You don’t have to have winter experience from the past, but you need to have the will to learn how to manage the cold. You need to be in good health. No injuries or disseises causing problems with heart, pulmonary and so on. 

Small groups

This is about sharing the experience of the Arctic lifestyle. That’s why we only bring small groups at the same time. Maximum of 8 participants with one local guide. 

How to get here

The first day we meet you at Luleå Airport or Luleå Central Station about 1 p.m. And drop you off the last day at 11.30 a.m. 

Train: If you want to travel by train from Stockholm or Arlanda to Luleå Central Station we suggest that you choose the night train. The ride takes about 13 hours but since you will sleep most of the time it feels more like a time machine than a train. The prefect start on your adventure! And also god for the environment! 

You book the train tickets easiest online at The tickets are released about three months prior departure. Before that it can look like the tickets are sold out. 

There are different levels of accommodation on the train with different prices. Depending on how much privacy and comfort you want. The trains have bistro with different kinds of meals, snacks and beverages. 

Flight: You can fly from Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) to Luleå Airport (LLA). The trip takes about 90 minutes of airtime. Your guide will meet you at the airport.

Car: If you are driving a car its easiest to go all the way to Jockfall. Just put in following in the GPS:

Adress: Tjärvägen 1
Zip code: 956 92
City: Överkalix
Country: Sweden

Takes about 1 hours and 45 minutes of driving from Luleå and 140 km of distance. 

We don’t sell them park experiences. We invite you to share our Nordic lifestyle in the wild nature of Swedish Lapland. Therefore can experiences such as seeing Nordic Light and wild animals never be guaranteed. But we promise to always do our best so you can enjoy the adventure.