Packing list – Winter multi day tour with staying over night in tent

About the winter in Swedish Lapland

The winter in Swedish Lapland lasts from November until the beginning of May. Temperatures are between 0 to -20 C degrees, but sometimes it gets even colder down to -35 C. The coldest part of the year occurs in December to January. Since the climate is dry it’s no problem to be outside, as long as you get dressed in warm clothes and shoes. And don’t forget your hat and gloves. Taking a walk in the cold snow creates a beautiful crackling noice and don’t get surprized if your eyelaches freeze. The hours of daylight are limited, especially during December and January. Except the few hours of daylight you’ll experience a blue light from dawn and dusk. The tempo also slows down and the nature gets more slient. This gives us the perfect oppertunity to spot the Northern Lights.

How to dress for winter in Swedish Lapland?

For you to get the most comfortable and pleasant experience from Swedish Lapland it’s important you have appropriate clothing. One rule is to dress according to the ”layer-on-layer” principle. Always wear wool or syntetic material closest to your body. Avoid cotton! Below we give you suggestions. 

  • Shell jacket
  • Shell trousers/pants
  • Down jacket/Warm jacket
  • Sweater or cardigan
  • Hat
  • Thick gloves (preferably thumb)
  • 2 pair of thicker socks
  • 2 pair of liner socks 
  • 2 sets of underclothing (top and long underwear)
  • Winter boots for hiking
  • Sun glases (the snow is very white)

When your booking is confirmed we will send you a detailed packing list.

If you need help with arranging some clothes, please give us a heads up by e-mail.  

The Winter in Swedish Lapland can be cold and cosy. As long as you dress appropriate it will be no problem to be outside.